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    Voz CommunityFriday, March 5, 2021 2:14 PM

    Ankr has partnered with#bakery_swapto expand the#BinanceSmart Chain Eth2 ecosystem and improve liquidity!
    Here is what you need to do!

    First, you need to get aETH on#BinanceSmartChainAccess the liquidity pool and select $aETH/ETH liquidity pair.
    Approve both assets in your wallet before proceeding. Select how much#liquidityyou wish to supply for each asset. The USD value of both assets needs to be the same!
    Now go tobakeryswap.organd select the aETH/ETH BLP pool.
    Allow the contract to spend your LP tokens and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

    Now you can stake your aETH/ETH LP tokens in the pool to earn triple rewards!

    Hurray! You can stake your BLP tokens! Select the number of LP tokens you want to stake, confirm the transaction, and start earning rewards!

    Happy baking!

    Ankr has partnered with #bakery_swap  to expand the #Binance Smart Chain Eth2 ecosystem and improve liquidity!

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