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    BINANCE NEWSThursday, March 18, 2021 10:16 AM

    💉The CoronaSwap team is proud to introduce VaccineSwap !💉
    VaccineSwap will be a Safe yield farming dex, just like CoronaSwap.

    We're tired of rug pulls on the DEFI market, particularly on the Binance smart chain.
    With VaccineSwap, you can safely deposit funds in our multiple farms and centers to earn VAXtokens.

    Just like we did before with the VIRUS🦠, here are the rules of our project :

    -No presale
    -No premint
    -First token need to be farmed
    -Smart contrats are forked from goose
    Our rules remains the same, both Corona and Vaccine are rug-proof. The dev renounced the ownership of the masterchef.
    👍Even if we wanted to, we cannot rug you.

    We added the swap function, wich is now integrated in the VaccineSwap website ! 👌

    VAX💉 will be farmable with the VIRUS🦠 !

    Check out the telegram channels and please read the pinned messages and feel free to Ask questions .@coronaswap@vaccineswapYou will see that we are a Amazing community.#antirug#anticheat#BigAMAtomorrow#BigLaunchToday#Cheap#Early#SAFU#antifud#SecuredDeFi#FairLaunch

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